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The Swabian Jura - Home of Kreuzberger Treppenbau

We do our manufacturing in the Upper Danube Nature Park on the Swabian Jura. We only need to take a few steps to see forest and stand in juniper fields with horses or sheep. This proximity to nature makes us aware every day of what should be appreciated. Environmentally friendly production that’s gentle on raw materials is therefore so important to us. This is demonstrated by the use of red-core beech and knotty oak as well as surface treatment of staircases and waste recycling. We utilise our own wood waste to heat our production halls, offices and the showroom and supply solar energy that we generate on the roof of our production hall to the mains.

Our workshop, the office and the showroom are supplied with green energy.

Our contribution to the preservation of the ecological cycle: For every sold staircase we donate a tree to the Bergwaldprojekt.thumb pflanzen macro


Surface treatment: water-soluble varnishes, or otherwise??

We oil or varnish the staircase surface just the way you want it. We use water-based varnish almost exclusively and therefore use water as a solvent. What is more, water-soluble varnishes offer many advantages. The wood retains its natural colour. Water varnish hardly yellows, is characterised by high abrasion and scratch resistance, light fastness and water resistance, is resistant to perspiration and saliva and is flame-retardant. PUR varnishes are also used for special requests. The hard oils we use are solvent-free and harmless to building biology since they do not contain any toxic or biocidal active substances. At the same time, oil does the steps and stringers good: it has a strong water and dirt-repellent effect, regulates moisture and gives lustre to the wood surface. It impregnates, cherishes and cares for the wood while moreover bringing out its texture and natural character. The advantages of hard oil are to the fore with scratches: matt, worn down places can be sanded and treated further with hard oil. In this way, you get a seamlessly renewed surface with even partial renovations - e.g. individual defects.

Click here for an overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

Red-core beech wooden staircases, a sustainable alternative

When building staircases, we use wood types from sustainably and naturally cultivated forests whenever we can. The staircases last as long as the natural raw material wood needs time to renew itself. What is more, the design certainly doesn’t get the short end of the stick: From naturally coloured beechwood - the core of the beech - and other deciduous trees in beech forests like maple, ash and cherry, home staircases can be made that will likewise win you over with their lively appearance as well as their environmental friendliness.
If you decide on a staircase made from this heartwood, you also contribute to the regrowth of the old beech population and thus simultaneously to the number of potential nesting trees for bird and bat species. Because only beeches with a large trunk circumference are accepted as a nesting site by birds. We are pleased to contribute to the regrowth of the old beech tree population. The beauty of home staircases made from the red-coloured core area that only exists in native beeches will not just win over nature-lovers. We moreover recommend the core ash with its distinctive olive core - a staircase wood that is as exquisite as it is unmistakable.



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