“I’d like to have a wooden staircase, but have a dog who scratches my stairs,” is something I often hear during consultations.

What to do?

The fact is that there is no wood which would be hard enough to prevent scratches. So scratches on the steps are unavoidable.
But you can choose an oiled surface. The scratches are simply re-oiled and are inconspicuous. You do not have to oil the entire step surface, but can sand and repair individual points anywhere.
And if you then still opt for a staircase with our TreVe stair connectors, you can unscrew the steps quite easily and sand and oil them in the garage orᅠa workshop.

“I’d like LED around or on the staircase, but where and how much?”

 Isn’t glass on the staircase very sensitive?

We source the perfect step cover from Landolt: it sticks to even oiled surfaces without an adhesive strip, while the non-woven material is non-slip and water-permeable.


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