Glass on the Staircase

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 Isn’t glass on the staircase very sensitive?


 Isn’t glass on the staircase very sensitive?
It doesn’t even take five minutes ...
... says S.ᅠF., building owner and mother of a young child, in response to the entirely human question about how long it takes to clean the glass banister of her lovely staircase (pictured). Once a week, “you go over it” and already the funny fingerprints are gone. Time-consuming to clean? By no means: “Until children turn two, they go up and downstairs holding a parent’s hand. There are two critical years after that. And then they can reach the handrail. The staircase will last a lifetime - I hope.ᅠIn any case, I would choose this solution again. I really do like our staircase and the furniture that goes with it. We just can’t get enough of it.” And here at Kreuzberger Treppenbau, we are especially pleased to receive generous praise from the building owner as well: “ᅠYou did a really great job there.“
We always install safety glass with increased impact and shock resistance on banisters or balustrades. TSG (toughened safety glass) disintegrates into small discs (about the size of a 2-Euro coin) when broken. Laminated safety glass contains an invisible elastic film that the slivers adhere too in the event of breakage.
If you want to create a spacious and modern feel around the staircase and direct the gaze to the staircase itself, we recommend glass banisters.

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