LED on the Staircase

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“I’d like LED around or on the staircase, but where and how much?”


“I’d like LED around or on the staircase, but where and how much?”

Then use pictures to get the best inspiration and whatever you like best on the spur of the moment is what will also suit you.
LED can be located beneath the handrailᅠᅠor
ᅠLEDᅠabove the steps:ᅠᅠ
or LED stripes below the steps (here on every 2nd step, so one step is always dark)ᅠᅠ
or smallᅠLED in the stringer ᅠ
or LED stripes in the shadow groove on the front side of the stepᅠ.
In any case, light planning should be done early on before the electrician comes and agreed to with the staircase builder.ᅠ
The staircase must firstly be already roughly planned in order to be able to mark the course of the stringers or steps in the framing.ᅠ


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