What the customers are saying


29.05.2019 by mail from TUT by the architect

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

 the staircase was very clean installed.

Unfortunately, I myself and the owner have not seen the stairs without cover, so I can not say exactly if everything fits. But to 99.9% we were very satisfied. The 0.1% is only on the cover.

I will check the bill and then release it.

Best regards and thank you for the great cooperation.


15.05.2019 by mail from Bisingen

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

We are very happy with the stairs and I think the color fits very well.

Thank you and have a good time.

Best regards


14.03.2019 by mail from Stetten

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

We are very satisfied! Many thanks for everything.

The money is on its way!

Best regards


14.03.2019 by mail from Wilflingen

Good morning Mrs. Kreuzberger,

we are fully satisfied with the final result.
The stairs are great and look like we imagined.

Many Thanks.

Yours sincerely


06.03.2019 by mail from Aldingen

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

attached the protocol. Thank you, after the repair the stairs looks really great.

Yours sincerely


01.02.2019 by mail:

Good evening Mrs. Kreuzberger,

I have arranged the payment of your invoice.

Thank you for your trouble with the stairs. She looks again

like New. It can be completely relaxed on a creak-free staircase

go. Nice weekend and

 best regards


27.11.2018 by mail:

Hello Volker,

Handrail looks like new.

Yesterday everything worked out wonderfully.

Praise to your co-worker - color fits very well.



23.10.2018 by mail:

Dear Ms. Kreuzberger,

Please excuse me for not contacting you yet.
The stairs are fantastic. Nice. We all like it a lot. It fits perfectly in the room.

Do we want to make another decrease?

I wish you a good day.

many Greetings


22.10.2018 by mail:

Hello Mr. Kreuzberger,

Thank you very much for your message.

The staircase has become pretty and can be well too.
For the fact that everything was already plastered and painted, the damage in the stairwell is limited.

Many Thanks!



23.06.2018 via facebook:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great and loving advice and of course the competent implementation of our wishes! The plan was actually a bit different, but the compromise we found fits much better in our house.


19.05.2018 by mail:

Good morning Mr. Kreuzberger,

Thank you for the good cooperation in the o.g. Construction projects. The customer is very satisfied. We have now sent the bill to the customer and settled their bill today.

We are happy to come back to you for further projects.

Yours sincerely



09.05.2018 by e-mail from Egesheim:

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

I would like to thank you for the clean and fast execution. A big compliment to your employees.

Since the staircase looks so great and it would be a pity, if the other craftsmen use this as a "staircase" I would like to keep the staircase for a few weeks. I hope that is ok.

Thanks and a nice long weekend



27.04.2018 by mail from Denkingen:

Good morning Mrs. Kreuzberger,

the stairs exceeded all expectations of us.
We are incredibly satisfied and thank you very much for the effort and work.

Friendly greetings

23.04.2018 by mail:

Hello company Kreuzberger,

Everyone wants to put a GREAT compliment and are really very happy with the successful installation and our really chic staircase! We will gladly recommend you!
Really good work, keep it up!

Greetings from Schömberg!

Family ...


09.04.2018 via WhatsApp (these stairs were picked up for self-assembly):

Dear Bernadette, It was a great pleasure to build the stairs. A big compliment to the Volker and all of you, it just fit! Our stair builder has not gotten over for joy. You've come up with a great system. We wanted to apply as an assembly team in the Munich area


in December 5 Stars on houzz.de:

1a staircase builder! We had a steel staircase with oak steps and can say that everything worked very well. Mr. Kreuzberger took the measures in the house in 2 hours and in the meantime we were able to discuss the execution of the stairs with Mrs. Kreuzberger. Very competent advice. Can we really only recommend.

The fitters who built the stairs worked very well and have also taken good care of the house and the white walls, etc.

Kreuzberg stairs = quality and competence, keep it up!


24.01.2018 from Tübingen by mail:

Hello Family Kreuzberger,

We would like to thank you for the smooth installation of the stairs, please pass this on to your employees.
Watching the installation on Monday was really fun and to see how the stairs "grows".
My husband was there yesterday and showed me photos of the built-in stairs, I know the stairs so far only in the making, but what we both saw, we were very happy!
We are still happy with our decision for your company and are very satisfied with your work and the pleasant cooperation!

Do you have any further advice on how to care for the wood from the studio staircase in the studio? I suppose the wood will darken even more - the beams are much darker and I would have to treat them too.
I think I have to take care of the protection of the wood in good time before the next craftsmen come, the plasterer unfortunately has not cleared his tracks yet .... In connection with this, I have to praise your people, who have worked very carefully and considerately.

I can not wait to try out my studio staircase, I only sat on the insertion part on Monday. I hope it can then on the floor (which is not yet in it) well back and forth, I could not try on the screed and the wood is very stable and therefore a bit weighty.
I am still very grateful for all the tips.

Almost a pity that we do not have more stairs to install .... ??

For today, I greet you warmly from Tübingen, thank you again in the name of my husband


28.12.2017 from Wangen via e-mail:

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger, hello Mr. Kreuzberger,

Sorry for the late answer. Moving stress ..

Thank you for your mail. I also wanted to write to you and thank you for making the installation possible before Christmas. The stairs come out very well, almost as discussed with both of you. Also your on-site technicians were very good, work well and have taken good care of the rest of the house. Thank you for that.

Then we hope that everything about the stairs stays as good as it looks now. Even if the staircase was not built in the house inspection, I will gladly recommend you to acquaintances. Of course, some have already asked where we got the stairs ;-)

I will also submit an online review, gladly. And thanks for the color glass that is still to come.

Then I wish you a happy new year and good luck and full order books.

It was nice to meet you.

Best regards


23.11.2017 from Brigachtal by mail:

Hello Family Kreuzberger,

We wanted to get back to you immediately and thank you for this great work. Their craftsmen were friendly and tried very hard to leave everything clean. Unfortunately, we did not have to take that for granted during our refurbishment work and would like to praise you very much. We really like the stairs and the cooperation was excellent.

Thanks and best regards


09.10.2017 from Spaichingen by mail:

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,

We are very happy with the stairs and the glass railing. Thanks for the great work! Looks really great and makes the whole house much more modern.
I will settle the bill directly.

many Greetings


04.10.2017 from Bisingen by mail:

Hello Mrs. Kreuzberger,
Everything went very well, looks really good from the stairs.
We have also painted our oak beams with the oil, which are very beautiful.
Thank you for the possibility that we are allowed to work the stairs with you.
We have already recommended it, maybe someone will tell you about the people.

Greetings also to her husband.


04.09.2017 on google 5 stars and:

Our expectations were fully felt: service, quality, result, friendliness ... Our new staircase has become a gem, even with us daily provides a WoW effect! Can recommend in good conscience everyone! Thank you!!!


in August on houzz.de:

We got from the company Kreuzberger exactly the stairs we wanted. A beautiful oak staircase without cheek! Thank you so much.


29.08.2017 from Aldingen by mail:

Key fits

You are awesome! Thank you

Best regards from Aldingen

E-mail of 25/7/2017 from Weiler:
Hi Mrs Kreuzberger.
I wanted to thank you and your workers once again for the great work yesterday. Everything went without a hitch. The stairs look really smashing. It’s my dream staircase. :-) The brown has also come out looking truly lovely.
It was always very enjoyable working with you from planning to the present, and the workers yesterday were also very capable and friendly.
Would it be possible for you to send me the invoice by Friday? I’m going on holiday next week.
Kind regards,
E-mail of 19/7/2017 from Emmingen:
Hi Mrs Kreuzberger.
Thank you very much for the great work. The stairs look really smashing and we truly love them. The two workers were also very nice and did a great job. 
Greetings to the family

E-mail of 13/6/2017 from Eigeltingen:
Dear Mr and Mrs Kreuzberger
I am writing to thank you for the punctual delivery and assembly - but especially for the great job. The stairs, including the handrail, have really met our expectations. Thank you very much for that!
We moreover wish to point out the neat and professional work done by your installers. If working with all companies were like this, building houses would be much more stress-free!
All the best to you and your team, and have a good final spurt before the well-earned summer holidays!!!
Kind regards,

E-mail of 23/12/2016 from Fridingen:
Good afternoon Mrs Kreuzberger.
We are pleased with your work and how it went. Our thanks in particular also go to your husband for making time so quickly and still making the steps for us.
To be honest, I have not yet seen the entire staircase ... It’s still covered !ᅠ However, we are moving on 29/12, so then I’ll be able to admire the entire job. Then of course I will give feedback on it.
We will still pay the bill this year.
Thank you very much once again.
We wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Best Regards

E-mail of 22/12/2016 from Neufra:
Good morning Mrs Kreuzbergerᅠ
We are very pleased with your work and absolutely delighted with the staircase!! It really is our dream staircase, just as we imagined it! It’s a shame that it still has to remain masked off for a while as a precaution and can’t yet be revealed. But better to be safe than sorry. It’s a really great fit for everything. We’ll certainly give it positive feedback and recommend it!
Kind regards to your family,

E-mail of 19/11/2016 from Donaueschingen:
Hi Mrs Kreuzberger.
We really like the staircase. We were very pleased with the design and service.
We will be pleased to give feedback and will also recommend you.
Best Regards

E-mail of 8/11/2016 from Denkingen:
Hi Mrs Kreuzberger.
You really succeeded with the staircases.
It’s fun to use them and look at them.
Thank you very much.

E-mail of 23/10/2016:
Hi Mrs Kreuzberger.
Please find attached the completed approval of the staircase. We are very pleased. The staircase looks wonderful and we look forward to being able to use it regularly soon.
Thank you very much for the great work.
Best Regards from Aldingen

24/10/2016 on houzz.de:
After being very unhappy with the steel stringer staircase in the tender of our turnkey house and not wanting to pay the horrendously high surcharges for alterations, we took the staircase out of the tender and got in touch with Kreuzberger Treppenbau. We are absolutely delighted with everything from the consultation, planning and preparation of the site staircase to the final installation. We now have a beautiful wooden staircase that turns heads as the centre of the house! I can very warmly recommend Kreuzberger Treppenbau!

Volker Kreuzberger in Bubsheim, DE auf Houzz


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