Multi-Stringer Staircase

Mehrholmtreppe von oben... Mehrholmtreppe von oben...
... und von unten. ... und von unten.
Mehrholmtreppe im Aufbau... Mehrholmtreppe im Aufbau...
... und fertig. ... und fertig.
Mehrholmtreppe von oben...|... und von unten.|Mehrholmtreppe im Aufbau...|... und fertig.||| Mehrholmtreppe von oben...|... und von unten.|Mehrholmtreppe im Aufbau...|... und fertig.|||

Alternative for precast concrete staircases:

When solid is too heavy, finding a solution is light work for us ...
Precast concrete staircases covered with tiles or granite steps are very popular in both new and old buildings.

However, the weight means a problem in old buildings or wooden houses in particular, because the structural engineering calculation does not allow such a heavy staircase to be mounted in the wooden ceiling. Our newly patented multi-saddle staircase offers the solution. Made of wood, it cannot be differentiated purely visually from a solid plastered or painted staircase. And the variety of staircase shapes is very impressive: Spiral or semi-spiral staircase, platform staircase, straight staircase, arch staircase.

As the picture below shows, three supporting beams made from laminated veneer plywood form the support for the steps. These steps can either be flush tiled, laid with granite or made of wood.
The base of the staircase can consist of pliable wooden strips that are nailed up at short distances and fitted with a fabric mat for plastering. If the base is plastered, you will not see any difference to a precast concrete staircase. The visible stringer can also be plastered or coated with a premium veneer, or manufactured from valuable hardwood.

The benefit for you:

ᅠWith its low weight, it offers a real alternative for old building renovations in particular. Because the required parts can be cut out entirely from a large wooden board with the CNC machine, it is cheap to manufacture and thus an affordable staircase. Installation is then especially easy: the staircase parts are prefabricated in the factory, partially assembled or in individual parts - entirely without a crane - the good piece gets to its destination.

With conventional concrete staircases, a time-consuming and expensive process is needed to underlay and adapt each step - that’s a thing of the past with the multi-stringer staircase.ᅠ Whatever comes from the CNC machine simply fits to a T.

The Environment

If the CO2 balance is considered, the environment also doesn’t come off badly. In the materials for the steps and banister, this patented solution absolutely provides the same possibilities as the solid concrete staircase. And if you have something to hide - e.g. ductwork for cables or heating pipes - this form of staircase construction is ideal. Fire prevention is also better than with a pure wooden staircase since the cladding with plasterboards for plastering resists fire for much longer. Be inspired by our Staircase Gallery or visit our showroom in the Staircase Studio.
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