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151x204 10Choose the staircase shape that suits you!

Stairs are your home’s business card. They give your style perfectly formed expression. Make an impression with our home staircases: Staircase connected with bolts, folded plate staircases, straight and spiral staircase, stringer staircase with steps on top of the stringers, open and enclosed staircase or stringer staircase with stringers on the end of the steps - the shape of staircases is as diverse as their design.

We make sure that the staircase is planned, manufactured and installed as a masterpiece of craftsmanship . It’s something you can see, feel and hear.

Does the staircase look right? Is the handrail free of any distracting corners and edges? How is the transition from the last step to the floor below or the floor above? Is the sound insulation right? Questions that we will address with loving detail and great perseverance. In the end, the result should be a gem that will grace your home for a lifetime.

We also have a wealth of experience with staircases for attic extensions, space-saving staircases or staircases for children’s bedrooms. With our stringer-over-stringer system (last picture with the sleeping cat), you get more staircase width in narrow staircase situations than you would with a spiral staircase or conventional staircase.

151x204 14

151x204 21

Wooden Staircase, Stainless Steel Staircase, Concrete Staircase: Your wish is our command

That is the big advantage of custom-made staircases: we tailor everything to your desires. In addition, the material mix produces particularly attractive staircase systems:

Wood-steel combinations, steel stringer staircases with stainless steel banisters and wooden or stone steps, precast concrete staircases with wood or stone steps, filigree folded plate staircases and elegant cantilevered stairs - when it comes to variety, the sky’s the limit.

We are right at home with wood, steel and stone. We can even handle graniteᅠand laminate.
See our masterpieces for yourself in our showroom in the staircase studio or here in the Staircase Gallery .

Architects or building owners often send us a sample - e.g. of a wooden floor or the tiles - to which we adapt the staircase.

We’ll be happy to show you wood samples or send material samples if you are still open in your selection of the floor.

It doesn’t matter to us whether the staircase you want is painted or oiled. We’re preparedᅠfor both. You can also chooseᅠsurfaces that are coloured or whitish, opaque or transparent.

Should I have my staircase oiled or painted?ᅠ

Advantages of oiled staircases:

Advantages of painted staircases:
Individual defects can be seamlessly repaired About 20 years with no ongoing maintenance costs
Matt non-slip surface The wood is protected from wear and tear by the paint layer
ecological no special cleaning agents required
You can sand and re-oil the staircase yourself.

ᅠHow do I care for an oiled staircase?


151x204 2Landhausstil

151x204 22Modern

151x204 3Klassisch

151x204 24Treppen für öffentliche Gebäude

Modern staircase shapes, simple elegance - or do you prefer staircase splendour with luxurious curves?

Different strokes for different folks- we take that into account in every staircase shape. We customise your staircase. The best possibility for really doing justice to every idea. Challenge us - we’ll find the right implementation and staircase type for your idea. We can make your home staircase reflect your personal style and give you something to turn heads in the entrance area. Is it hard for you to determine the future appearance of your new staircase? Get some good pointers from our showroom in the staircase studio or photos of our staircase products.


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