Our TreVe system

We have developed a unique system that detachably connects steps and trolleys. If a staircase renovation or a replacement of the steps is pending, they can be easily dismantled and quickly reinstalled without dust, noise or paint smell.

No wonder other staircase builders have tried their hand at this solution. We are proud to have invented the original. Since the patent was granted in 1995, we have been selling and installing this solution throughout Germany as well as in Switzerland and the EU.

Safe in function, practical for assembly and convenient for later renovation.

The TreVe system in detail:

You can find our entire TreVe product range in our online store and the technical information as PDF in the download section.

The TreVe assembly

The advantages of wooden staircases with TreVe

  • Individual damaged or all expired wooden steps can be conveniently detached and machine sanded and resealed in the workshop
  • Residents are not bothered with dust, noise and paint smell during staircase renovation
  • The staircase looks lighter and more modern
  • No creaking
  • Easy to manufacture, as only drill holes are required
  • Convenient mounting, even between two walls
  • The height of the outlet can also be adjusted later, for example, if the floor structure changes
  • The connector type TV95-14 has received the Red Dot design award for innovation in form and function - and that already in 2000

The advantages of steel stringer stairs with TreVe

  • The staircase is braced by the form fit of the connector and step sleeve with the step
  • Only holes need to be lasered in the cheeks
  • No welding, but the connector is fixed with plug and screw system
  • No cross braces required

  • Elegant stainless steel fitting

The advantages of wall stud stairs with TreVe

  • The steps lie on the bolt and are screwed from below
  • It is also possible to conveniently mount coiled corner steps
  • The step mounting between two walls is possible


Drilling dimensions:

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV95-12)

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV95-14SOH)

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV95-10)

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV97-12)

TreVe drilling dimensions ( TV97-5)

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV95-15-80)

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV95-15)

Drilling dimensions (WB wall bolts) 

TreVe drilling dimensions (TV97-25)

Technology information:

Installation steel stringers (TV97-25)

Installation TreVe rubber profile (TV95-12 / TV95-14SOH)

Installation TreVe without joint (TV97-12)

Installation wall stud (TV95-15 / TV95-15-80)

Statement German Institute for Building Law